Vicious was born 21 years ago and has stood strong and steady as the dance music industry has gone from a vinyl led, underground movement to a global, digitally distributed phenomenon. In that time there have literally been hundreds of releases on the label which was founded in a back yard shed out of a passion for the music…A passion which is still vibrant if you talk to founders John Course and Andy Van, or any of the people that help make the label tick. You simply don’t make it through the turbulent times that the music industry has seen over the past years without your heart being in it…

Just touching on the label’s history finds a trail of now huge and respected names… Dirty South’s first releases and remixes were on Vicious, Ivan Gough saw his first releases with the label, as did James Ash from the Rogue Traders who’s debut album was released by Vicious. DJ Carl Cox teamed up with Mark James (ex Future Entertainment head honcho) and John Course to see the label’s third release “Eternal”, Madison Avenue achieved global success with their “Polyester Embassy” album and worldwide hit singles “Don’t Call Me Baby” and “Who The Hell Are You”. Not to mention current superstar Avicii, who’s first releases were on Vicious, the label again proving an amazingly consistent source for new talent.

However, when it comes to dance music your only as good as your next release and the same passion that helped create the history that Vicious is so proud of is what drives the label and it’s current crop of well known and fresh new artists. Whether it be Andy Van’s own Vandalism project (with vocalist Cassie), Indonesia’s Angger Dimas, ARIA winner Sgt Slick, Peking Duk, Sweden’s Franz Novotny, the USA’s Digital LAB, Mr Fluff, Skyden, Dave Winnel or some completely new signing that debuts for the first time, the label has an energy and music driven approach that has, does and will always stand the test of time. Be it the imprints Vicious, Vicious Bitch, Vicious Black, or their Management arm, the consistent theme over the years is new talent from Australia and the rest of the world that makes an impact on the global dance music map.

Constantly finding new music is what drives the label…It may be a hot new Australian or international producer that they work with and develop, or it may be an internationally released cut that they dig and present to the Australian market.  Either way the label and the people who run it understand the music and after so many years also bring a wealth of experience in how to get their artists and releases in the right hands…From superstar DJ’s, radio programmers, international label talent spotters or, most importantly, to the general public, Vicious discovers, develops and releases quality music!

With a music focused but business savvy collective behind the label you can be sure that tomorrows new releases are sure to continue to add to the revered history that the Vicious collective already holds close to it’s dance floor driven heart!