Camikaze follows-up his online celebrated debut single ‘Shadows’, with the release of his 4-track EP ‘Thousands’. Here this young artist delves even deeper into the rabbit hole of his “outside the box” writing and production style. Harnessing raw emotion and undeniably euphoric melodies and synth work coupled with peaks and troughs of delicate moments to fiercely restrained aggression, his desire to weave together a journey from start to finish was truly captured.

Engaging the vocal talents of fellow Western Australia native LUNA MAY and Washington D.C rapper Airospace on the lead single ‘This Burden’, to New Zealand’s sweetheart Maya Payne on the title track ‘Thousands’ and even old school friend and newcomer Duchess on ‘Cold Clockwork’ to help make his creation a reality, we are given a vast array of styles and talents which really set this release apart from the current mainstream electronica. Truly avant-garde arrangements and chord progressions, whilst still conveying a feeling of familiarity is what really captures ones attention from the first note all the way to the last second of the closing track ‘An Evening Paradigm’.

Camikaze dives head first into the current wave of electronic music with a distinctly beautiful, eclectic and empowering futuristic soundscape. Harnessing incredibly emotive and lyrically engaging vocals that drift through carefully crafted percussive loops and dreamy synthesized melodies… the long journey for Camikaze has only just begun.